Zhang Weiliang CEO, Avetics Global

Zhang Weiliang founded Avetics Global while doing his engineering degree at NUS. Mr Zhang started the
company in 2011, almost immediately winning the Nanyang Technopreneurship Business
Challenge after founding the company. From then on, Mr Zhang has overseen the development of Avetics
into a full spectrum engineering and services company that does aerial inspection, artistic photography,
mapping and modelling, hardware engineering, training of drone operator, development of drone data
management software, distributorship of drone products, and operational/safety consultancy.
The track record and safety profile of Avetics has been recognised by major institutions, resulting in Avetics
being a trusted vendor for commercial drone services in sensitive installations, to the point where the safety
procedures of Avetics has been recognized by Exxon Mobil Global Aviation. Furthermore, Avetics has been
recognized by the Singapore Government as a notable player in the industry by being one of three companies
awarded the Ministry of Transport Master Contract for the provision of drone services to public agencies.
Mr Zhangs understanding of the engineering and technical capabilities behind drone technology has resulted
in him receiving multiple awards as well as being a speaker at numerous conferences relevant to unmanned
aerial systems and drones. Mr Zhang has successfully grown Avetics into the industry leader for drones in
Singapore, resulting in Avetics being covered in local as well as international media for its achievements and
the benefits drones can bring to industry

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